I’m a ponderer, I just can’t help it.  My curiosity about human behavior, spirituality, creativity, animals, life, cultures, health, shamanism, the elements, dreams…ok…I could go on and will in my blog.  I’m always reading, listening, thinking, wondering,  jotting it down or typing it up. This is a place where I’ll share what I call “purposeful ponderings” with you as well as share what I’m noticing, processing and learning. Connecting is one of my key values and I’d love to hear your ponderings too.

I adore the word soul because it represents the core of who you really are.  When you strip away the roles you play, your economic status, culture, gender, who are you?  Who is the part of you that is able to observe you?  That’s your soul.  And it has much to share with you, if you take time to listen.

I believe that each day is a gift and there’s a richness available to you in every 24 hour timeframe.  The possiblities are limitless.  I also believe that you are the most interesting person you’ll ever know.   So let’s tap into the richness and the knowing together.  Share your soul, it’s safe here, and you …are sacred!

My website: http://www.coachingforyoursoul.com


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